Digitales Storytelling: Die Möglichkeiten von Native Advertising

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Native advertising helps digital embrace storytelling

As science and artistry become ever-more entwined in our digital marketing efforts, it’s time for ad-tech to sit up and start taking stories seriously, writes Dale Lovell, Chief Digital Officer at Adyoulike, an agency which offers native advertising solutions for publishers and brands.

As a performance driven medium, the first 20+ years of digital advertising have been mostly about ROI for advertisers. What can we do for better advertiser performance? How can we squeeze more value for the brand? Performance metrics – clicks, impressions, dwell times, shares, leads, sales – are the criteria for success or failure. The story has nothing to do with it.

As James Galpin, Head of Media & Digital LATAM at Millward Brown states in their Digital & Media Predictions 2016 report, treating online and mobile like uniform media has led to an over reliance on behavioural metrics such as clicks, visits and interactions.

‘These provide a narrow view of online and mobile as purely behavioral response channels. This overlooks the full potential of these platforms as brand building and demand-driving communications channels.’

Creativity has generally come in second place to performance. The value exchange and narrative story between the consumer and the advertising formats themselves was never, or only lightly, considered, and got lost somewhere in the blur of intrusive ad formats, conversion KPIs and analytic metrics.

The corresponding decline in display performance and the increased prevalence of content marketing and native advertising distribution formats has led to a long overdue re-evaluation of that value exchange, which is continuing today, with storytelling very much at the forefront of this change, writes Dale Lovell.

This is good news to publishers to whom storytelling is second nature. A recent study by Native Advertising Institute and FIPP points to the fact that magazine executives see their general editorial expertise as their greatest strength when it comes to native advertising – a unique selling point in the new marketing era of storytelling. Secondly they point to their knowledge of existing brands and audience relationship. A large majority of the magazine executives in the study (74%) are also convinced that native advertising adds value to readers and viewers.

Stories are back in digital advertising. And the science and psychology to back up their power is there for everyone to view too, concludes Dale Lovell.

Editor’s note: This is an extract from an original blog post at Native Advertising Institute.

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