Topos Turns 100 – and Meets Al Gore

The international magazine for urban planning and landscape architecture interviews the Nobel Peace Prize laureate on climate protection

The publisher Callwey has just released issue 99 of its magazine Topos in form of a relaunch. In this anniversary edition the International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning once again makes us take note. Editor in Chief Tanja Braemer was one of the journalists selected to receive an invitation to a press conference and subsequent interview with the former U.S. Vice President and climate activist Al Gore – not only an honour but also a sign that Topos, a magazine with worldwide circulation and roots in Germany, is considered to be a significant voice on the issue of urban and landscape planning.


Climate change is a highly relevant issue concerning landscape architects and urban planners, and therefore anyone working on the consequences of human-caused global warming. Towns and regions have also become aware of the urgency of the issue and are tackling it head-on. Al Gore sees humanity in a race against time in an endeavour to reduce gases that are harmful to the climate in the Earth’s atmosphere: “Time is crucial. We have to reach the inflection point as quickly as possible. The longer we wait the more expensive it will be to solve the climate crisis and the more horrific damage we will programme into the climate system for the years ahead.” For Gore, the fight against the climate crisis is also a political obligation: “Our democracy has been hacked. Big money is taking power and its influence has been growing. In order to solve the climate crisis we have to fix our democracy crisis.”


How much time remains for humanity is the key question confronting Al Gore every day. And so we come full circle: Time, that is also the title theme for the anniversary edition of Topos.

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